Frida Almqvist Service design tools for co-creation

The importance of patient centricity is frequently emphasized in healthcare strategies. More recently, service design and co-creation has also been introduced into the same context. As the accentuation of these three notions is increasing, the question evolves of what service design and co-creation can offer to patient centered healthcare service development. While previous research has a theoretical approach to the topic, there is a lack of research addressing the following question, using a more practice-oriented approach: How might service design tools support patient involvement in the co-creation of Norwegian healthcare services? This broad research question is addressed through three sub questions: 1.) What are the challenges of involving users in the innovation of healthcare services, from a service design perspective? 2.) How might service design tools support the involvement of users that are hard to reach and challenging to involve in co-creation processes for health care innovations? 3.) How might service design tools support project teams to keep a patient perspective throughout the whole process, when developing healthcare services? I address the issue through a Research by Design approach, which is grounded in service design practice. Hence, this thesis is not only about the exploration, but also development and testing of service design tools.

Institute of Design / Simon Clatworthy (Supervisor)

PhD started in 2015