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PhD Forum - Breakfast Meeting

Small Auditorium / Croquis room (Grethe Prytz Kittelsen)


09-09.10: INTRODUCTION (Mathilde)

09.10-09.15: PHD´S AS PLURAL (Ole Gustavsen)

09.15-09.20: PhD groups in other institutions (Reier)

09.20-09.50: Plenary introductions to the issues (5-10 minutes each). 

Programming the PhD Programme (Tim)

PhD Live + AHO Web (Jérémie)

The Progression Seminar (Nicole)


10.00-10.30: WORKSHOP

Each group to discuss the theme, come up with a suggestion for a strategy to resolve the issue and for a timeline and workgroup for how this will be followed up.

Web.   William (chair), Jérémie.

How to build a lively PhD-live? How to profile the PhD program and an individual researcher on the web?

Programming the PhD Programme. Elisabeth (chair), Tim, Mathilde, Andrew

How do we structure various events throughout the year to excel the work of PhDs at aho? How should the colloquium be formatted? How should invited international PhD’s be incorporated into event schedule and paid for? How should seminars be used to workshop the progress of more developed PhDs that are towards the beginning of their third years? What role can phds have in the AHO research colloquim?

The progression seminar and personal samtale. Nicole (chair) Reier.

How can the progression seminars be reformatted to act asheld with the institute leaders or research center leaders in order to act as both progression seminar and personal meeting? To increase the communication flow between each party.

10.30-11.45: Presentations from the groups in due order.

10.30-10.45 The progression seminar as personal samtale / Nicole

10.45-11.00 Programming the PhD Programme / Elisabeth

11.00-11.15 Web / William

11.15-11.50 Moving forward (Mathilde to chair open discussions)

How to move forward on resolutions? Who is responsible? Structure discussion 

11.50-12.00 Tim + Jérémie. Dates coming up.

Earlier Event: October 13
CONTEXT: Fieldwork (session 02b)
Later Event: October 14
CONTEXT: Interview (session 01)