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Thursday 16 November: AHO PhD Colloquium

09.30 – 12.00 AHO PhD Colloquium session 1
Presentation of ongoing research 2nd year students in the programme

09.45 Eirik Bohn, Institute of Form History and Theory

The book and the reading room: Jacopo Manilli writing the Villa Borghese

10.30 Beata Labuhn, Institute of Architecture

Environment(s) in Christian Norberg-Schulz´s Editorship for Byggekunst (1963-1978)

11.15 Sverre Bjerkeset, Institute of Urbanism and Landscape

Case selection in an ethnographic study of urban public spac

12.00 – 12.45  Lunch for AHO PhD Colloquium participants
12.45 – 14.00 Open Pedagogic workshop
The PhD: how to enhance the educational aspects of the degree
With Rune Johan Krumsvik
14.15 – 16.30 AHO PhD Colloquium session 2
Presentation of ongoing research from 2nd year students in the programme

14.15 Jonathan Romm

Practitioners’ Perspectives on The Radical’s Dilemma: Redesign Health Care from the Inside or Outside?

15.00 Karianne Rygh

Supporting co-design in complex healthcare systems through the affordances and metaphors of tangible tools

15.45 Frida Almqvist

Designing for service implementation: Exploring the service design handover

Earlier Event: November 14
Later Event: November 20