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AHO PhD Colloquium

AHO PhD colloquium 2018: Schedule

AHO PhD Colloquium 2018 session 1

09.00 - Tim Anstey – Introduction 

09.15 - Synne G. Frydenberg – Facilitating for serendipitous outcomes in design-driven field studies for augmented reality systems on future ship bridges

10.10 Eimear Tynan  - Arctic islands: archival exposures

11.00 Yue Zou – Design for quality life-speculative transformation of lifestyle

LUNCH 11.45 – 12.30

AHO PhD Colloquium 2018 session 2

12.30 Lisbeth Iversen - Cocreation, civil society mobilization and participation in planning and monitoring of Raet National Park.

13.20 Tom Davies‘….Gnawing at the heart of the country’

AHO PhD Colloquium 2018 session 3

14.20 Anna Ulak – The Urban and Built Environment: Through the Lens of a Systems Theorist

15.05 Bjørnar Nørstebø - A new role of knowledge dissemination in the building industry

Invited Critics

Lise Amy Hansen – Associate Professor, Institute of Design, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Her research is on service and interaction design, and digital movement from code to choreography, involving researchers from the many fields adjacent to design.
Barbara Ascher – Architect MNAL, has published on post-war housing development in Oslo. Her ongoing PhD research investigates the relationship between scarcity and creativity looking at social housing in Oslo between 1945 -1980.
John Pløger – Professor in City planning at Department of Global Development and planning at University of Agder. Have published the book ‘Den vitale byen’ together with Jonny Aspen, has contributed to architecture competitions, and contributed in urban development projects with architects in Norway and Denmark.  
Ingrid Halland – Research Fellow in Architecture & Design History at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo.  Halland’s work focuses on the historical, philosophical, and political aspects of late-twentieth century architecture and design; contemporary art and aesthetics; as well as, the interdependencies of cybernetics and ecology in early postmodern architecture and design discourse.
Petra Rüter – Research manager at SINTEF. Master in structural engineering from the Technical University in Karlsruhe, Germany. PhD in durability of untreated wooden facades. Research including new materials, durability, environmental evaluation, design- and production processes. Lately interested in digital innovation in the building industry.