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CONTEXT: What is a thesis?

What is a thesis?

Monday 5 November 13.00-16.00

We will run the reading seminar as usual. Maryia, Jomy and Kai to present; reading are in box, so, again, make sure you read the texts thoroughly before the session.

If you have not already done so, make sure you draft essay/review text is uploaded by Monday morning 5 November in Box

Pdfs/ppt of you project presentations (scheduled to present on Wednesday need to be submitted Monday to Box.

Tuesday 6 November 10.00-16.00


We will have presentations of two PhDs with the emphasis on the issue of constructing the project out of all the bits (ie, in the terms of this course, with all the decisions to be made about what constitutes the context, the date, the methods, how do you assemble a project, what are the strains and stresses involved.

Iver Stensrud, has finished his PhD in the Institute of Form, Theory and History last summer (his PhD is available as a pdf document here

Eimear Tynan is a year 2 student and will present a phd in mid-cycle.


We will run the workshop session on your individual projects (ie Tuesday afternoon, no Wednesday morning).

The running order is:

Kai/Jomy//Sigrun/Hannes//Joe/Maryia. We will have 1 hour for each pair and I suggest we run two short presentations and then have a discussion around both projects in tandem. The instructions for the presentation are as given in the overall course document in box. Let me know if you need reminding.

Wednesday 7 November 10.00-12.00

Workshop your essay presentations in pairs. This is a peer-review workshop. We will decide who reads whose essay on Monday.

Later Event: November 7
Supervisor Forum