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Final Reviews - Fellows 2017

Final Presentation day, 29 May

The way we structure the day is that each of you is given a 45 minute slot for an aural presentation, with 15 minutes total for set up and presentation of the points discussed above, and 30 minutes discussion from a panel of informed external guests on both the content and the presentation of the thesis as it stands. These presentations are public – anyone can attend. As well as this, usually over lunch, you are given the opportunity to discuss in-depth the written report with an external reader who has seen the material before, who has a relationship with the field of study you are interested in. 45 minutes each is set aside for this meeting, which consists of a discussion led by questions from the reader about the text. These meetings are private, between reader and students.

Running order for May 29

09.00 Set-up/critics introduced

09.15 Yue

10.00 Anna

10.45 Björnar

11.30 Synne


12.15 Lunch  + Private meeting 1

13.00 Lunch + Private meeting 2


14.00 Eimear

14.45 Tom

15.30 [Lisbeth]*

16.15 Closing comments from examiners, discussion of programme

17.00 Close, drinks



Two of the three reviewers for the day are confirmed. (The last to confirmed imminently)

Dr. Erik Sigge, KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm

Erik Sigge is an architectural historian specializing in the period between 1960 and 1980 with a specific interest in the development of regulatory structures in architecture and the use of systemic models in architectural theory during this period. He is coordinator and research member of the strong research environment Architecture in Effect: Rethinking the Social in Architecture, which is a research network formed by the Architectural Academy/Swedish schools of architecture. Erik’s PhD dissertation, Architecture’s Red Tape is a critical study of public architecture’s relation to bureaucratic State organizations during the 1960s and 1970s. It was defended in 2017

Assoc. Prof. Henriette Steiner, Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning, University of Copenhagen

Henriette Steiner is an architect and researcher who investigates the cultural role and meaning of architecture, cities and landscapes She has co-edited several journal issues and academic collected volumes including the forthcoming book Architecture and Control (Brill, 2017). She is sub-project leader in the research project Reconfiguring Welfare Landscapes, funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research and co-editor of the forthcoming volume Routledge Companion to Landscape Architecture, which focuses on questions of politics, ethics and sustainability as well as of aesthetics and/or design in landscape and urbanism.