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CONTEXT 2: Workshop on Research Ethics

Workshop on Research Ethics - 24 January 10-16

10.00-11.30 Vidar Enebakk, Director, The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committee for the Social Sciences and the Humanities

  • Research ethics, research misconduct and research integrity

12.00-14.30 Ole Bjørn Rekdal, Professor, Department of Welfare and Participation, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

  • Academic citation practice and handling of sources: How to avoid the production of academic myths and urban legends

    If you have certain issues (dilemmas, difficult cases, uncertainties, questions,  etc.) linked up with academic citation practices you would like to see addressed during the workshop , use the opportunity to send cases or topics to Ole Bjørn Rekdal ( before January 22.

14.45-16.00 Hanne Cecilie Geirbo, Associate Professor, Oslo Met

  • Research ethics in practice - experiences from a village electricity project


The seminar is mandatory for first year PhD students, and open for all PhD students and researchers at AHO. Please reserve the date.

If you would like to participate please notify Reier Schoder in the Research administration so we are aware of the numbers of participants.

About the guest speakers

Vidar Enebakk

Vidar Enebakk has a PhD in science studies from 2005, was postdoc and researcher in history of science at University of Oslo till 2012, then curator at the Norwegian Museum for Science, Technology and Medicine (NTM) for two years, before he became director of NESH in 2014. He has also been editor of Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift (NNT) 2016-2018.

Ole Bjørn Rekdal

Ole Bjørn Rekdal is Professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. He has a background from social anthropology, and his research in recent years has to a large extent been focused on academic citation practices and what he has called the production of academic urban legends. Most of his dissemination activities on the topic may be found at: (web page in Norwegian, but contributions in English can be found behind the “Artikler” and “Formidling” buttons)

Hanne Cecilie Geirbo

Hanne Cecilie Geirbo is a technology anthropologist with a professional background from telecom and international development. She shares her time between OsloMet, where she is developing an online course about technology and society; University of Oslo, where she is supervising master students in the program 'Design, use, interaction' at the Department of informatics; and AHO, where she is part of the research project 'Learning Flexibility - Complexity, Innovation, and Inter-Urban Knowledge Transfer'. For her Ph.D., she was part of a pilot project that developed a solar electricity mini-grid in a village in Bangladesh. Her thesis was an empirical and theoretical exploration of the making of an infrastructure, with a particular focus on how the project related to the flood-prone landscape.

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