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APPARATUS 4: Project Planning and project management (part of Apparatus).

Responsible: Halvor Weider Ellefsen

  • Project Planning and project management (part of Apparatus). 11-12 February

    The planning and project management seminar will focus on strategies and tools for developing and administering your project and potential traps to avoid throughout your research. 11. February will be used to present your proposals. 12. February we will invite former or present PhD students talking about how they planned and managed their PhD project. 


    A more detailed programme will be sent out in beginning of January, but please submit the following by February 5

  • Argue/motivate for a form for your thesis (monograph/article based/works based)

  • Definition of major sections of work to be completed (chapters/work packages/discrete assignments/skills courses needed.

  • Timetable planning based on these considerations

  • Plan for Context II course points (definition of how points are made up – skills courses, AHO courses etc)

  • Definition of potential readers for end of year and future seminars