Tom Davies - The Architecture of the Ordinary: Redefining protection, designation and the role of stakeholders in the future of Brutalist heritage. (Form, theory and history)

Anna Ulak - Epistemologies of Environment and Its Influence on Architecture. (Architecture) 

Synne Geirsdatter Frydenberg - Designing for situated interaction. (Design)


Bjørnar Nørstebø - Adapting code - visual communication for a changing building industry. (Architecture) 


Lisbeth Iversen - Mobilization of civil society and cultural resources through co-operation in urban development and place making processes - 4 examples in Arendal. (Urbanism and landscape) 


Eimear Tynan - Exploring the sensory engagement of spatial, temporal and material conditions of Arctic coastlines. (Urbanism and landscape) 


Yue Zou - Transformative speculations - design methods for the future sustainable living. (Design)