Beata Labuhn Architecture of Sustainability in Christian Norberg-Schulz’ Editorial Work for Byggekunst (1963-1978)

Focusing on the visionary aspect of Christian Norberg-Schulz’ editorial work for Byggekunst (1963-1978), this research aims at contribution to a threefold of architectural discourses. First, it strives to increase knowledge about the historical roots of current holistic conceptualizations of sustainable architecture. Secondly, it aims at shedding new light on Christian Norberg-Schulz by presenting his ‘vison of the future’ instead of his commonly studied ‘attitude towards the past.’ Moreover, the study expands the existing scope of knowledge about Christian Norberg-Schulz as theorist and architect as it focuses on his - until now underrepresented work - as editor. Thirdly, it strives to re-affirm the role of architectural magazines as central nodes in creation of architectural culture and explores to develop methods for research on architectural magazines as historical archives.

Institute of Architecture / Thomas McQuillan (Supervisor)

PhD started in 2016