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Since climate change become a serious issue the whole humanity has to face, more and more disciplines evolve in this issue including design. Design, especially product design, is regarded as a discipline to promote consumer consumption. Design itself is a problem in the context of climate change. Promisingly, design world has begun to rethink the role of design in future like transition design which focuses on how design can make transformations to a sustainable future. Transition design builds future scenario through speculative design which is relevant to product design. Thus, transition design could provide a transition for product design to contribute to sustainable development addressing climate change. This thesis investigates a cultural and aesthetic speculative design process for future everyday life scenarios building and what is the form of design outcome which is suitable for future transformation implement. 


To approach this topic, I will explore through different projects including real practice and individual experimental exploration to demonstrate the possible design process and the form of design outcome. The text of study will show academically future product design role in sustainable perspective. The toolkit produced by the study could give new practice guideline for designers who have the passion for designing next generation of lifestyle.

Institute of Design / Håkan Edeholt (Supervisor)

PhD started in 2017