Things that move – Lecture for AHO year 3 with Mari and Victor


This lecture discusses how architecture, the architect, architectural drawing and the idea of the architectural work were all re-invented during a period that stretches from around 1430 to 1590 and in a geographical area surrounding Rome and Northern Italy.

The lecture has four main parts:

On Architecture: A reading of the structure in Vitruvius De architectura that was reinterpreted during this period

On the Architect: A discussion about how the modern figure of the architect emerges in Leon Battista Alberti's De re aedificatoria

On drawing:  A discussion about how architectural representation developed from Francesco di Giorgio Martini to Giacomo Barrozzi da Vignola

On the work: A discussion ofa reinterpretation of what architectural work could be in the work of Domenico Fontana

In each section of the lecture, please post questions as blog posts on this blog; we will review the questions after each section.