The resurrection of AHO PhD Live

Dear all PhD students, supervisors and researchers

As you all know we have a website for the AHO PhD students called

The last year or so this website has been more “dead” then live, and we would like to do something about that. Our aim is to make AHO PhD Live a site where information about all PhD related activities are found and posted publicly. But to do that we need your help.

I ask you to continuously update me on events that you think are relevant for PhD students at AHO. This can be lectures, seminars, reviews, conferences, lunches and other events. In addition we will also update AHO PhD live with all the events that are connected to the AHO PhD programme 2018-2019 as soon as the study plan is approved in FU this spring.

If you have an event that you think is interesting please send it to me, but I have to ask you to send it in the following format





Description of event:

Main target group:

Send to

Looking forward to hearing about relevant events.