reflections of a fabulous seminar on an unwritten page

WHERE DOES THAT LIGHT COME FROM AND WHAT IS THIS SURFACE MADE OF? POSITION YOURSELF STRATEGICALLY WITHIN A CONETXT AND CHALLENGE YOUR REFERENCES WITH RADICAL SPECULATION. Oh I remember these times so well. These times when we still thought that our visions of the even closer future could imagine aspects of what has become today’s reality. We smiled at how awkwardly closely related to the then present style, technical standard and habits historic visions of a future were. And never were able to question our own visions with the same sovereignty our view backwards allowed us. I sit on a sofa. His sofa. He controls the remote, and I find his choices entertaining - if nothing else he has this engaging way of speaking about them. Whenever he sits back, he draws fabulous creatures into his sketchbook. VISUAL OR VISIONARY – FIND THE DEAD END OR A WAY OUT OF THE MAZE. I stare out the window. Their window. I observe bird-on burdens. The poor things have become bio-based drones. Is their twitter virtual or still real? I sometimes sneak out the staff entrance and sit down on that patch of ever muddy earth that is not covered with asphalt. When the bugs crawl over my hands, I see pictures I thought I had lost in the depths of my mind’s ocean. We indulged in fable telling, movie making, clothes display and called every reasoning on our surroundings design. If we also stamped it “futuristic”, “visionary” or “revolutionary”, that would almost be justification enough for spending time, money and space on it – that time when time, money and space still existed. I try on that dress and try on another identity. I try to look convincing in my role as a water terrorist. The dress grows onto my skin and I hurry up, get some business done, before too many of them can afford to redesign their basic needs. SH**** IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY. THEN AGAIN: YOU FIRST BECOME REALLY CREATIVE AFTER HAVING FORCED YOURSELF THROUGH THE 10th ITERATION. I visit a field. Her field. Somebody said feminist research presentation style. I don’t like that classification. I do like getting to know ways of connecting information, associations and assumptions I haven’t come across before. Somebody else said transportation vehicle for messages. I like that better. HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO MY WORK? LET’S TEST OUT SOME TECHNIQUES. This laughter has to be read heard as an insider insight indicator. Sometimes I wish myself back into that innocent state of sweet ignorance. I sneak a peek into the cabinet. His cabinet of thoughts. Different cultures and their way of communicating. You can juxtapose any two or three objects and draw relations between them? It’s starting to get interesting. But it’s also ending. For today. WHERE IS THE DISCUSSION? CRITICAL EXCHANGE? CHALLENGING OF BORDERS? Sometimes I hear just too many voices. I’ve learned to switch myself off. Noratta.