William Kempton - Case study: Investigating approaches to New Product Development for Additive manufacturing (through interviewing)

The study seeks to investigate various approaches to developing consumer products for Additive Manufacturing.

New product Development (NDP) can be described as the collective process of conceptualising, developing and marketing of new products. With the availability of manufacturing methods such as Additive Manufacturing (AM), NPD processes are subject to change as new production methods make small-scale production feasible. This may open up for such things as products-on-demand, that are either customisable or enhanced to individual needs.

The study looks into several design cases using the qualitative interview as a method of research. The interview objects are designers who have performed specific design cases where AM considered a core method of production.

The research does not intend to a output a specific set of approaches to Designing for Additive Manufacturing.  Rather, it aims to present reflections that come out of the individual cases.