Going public

This time it's for real! Many thanks to all of you who have provided the initial feedback necessary to getting this site up and running. I hope you are all, as I am, now hoping for great things to come. Extra special thanks to Etienne Gernez, William Kempton, Nicole Martin, Trude Løw Hansen, Trude Kleven, Reier Møll Schoder and Andrew Morrison for your highly productive critical-constructive inputs to this project still in-the-making.


Draft site 02

After intense discussion lasting for hours that felt like days, the ahophdlive.no site is now one step closer to opening to the public.

Draft site 01

While there are still some technical issues to sort, such as waiting for the registration of the final domain name (ahophdlive.no) to resolve, this is nonetheless a start. No fanfare just now, mind you - save your precious energy for passionate, engaging, reflective involvement in our cause. We´ll settle for grudging interest, too. Thank you and good night / Jérémie.